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April 2024 – Changed the main page to make it more relevant. Including the Instagram feed and this board! The pictures of the carousel are random again!

February 2024 – Splayed Leg Rabbits with Thebunnyjackpot Foundation. A video where you can learn more about splayed legs and rabbit welfare.

February 2024 – Posters and Resources update. Where you can find various images to download and place including ads and informative posters.

January 2024 – Welfare Hub update. Including a new access page with custom art and specific pages for each group of themes.




We hope you are having a bunny-ful day!

Remember not to ra-bite your nails!

And have a hoppy day!

Hay you seen my bunny?

Remember to feed me banana, human.

Where is my second breakfast?

How much mischief has happened today?

Remember to practice a healthy amount of periscoping.

Have you seen zoom-thing interesting today?

Check on any cables, now!

Seen any burtles today?

Take a good nap, eating is hard work.

A hutch is not enough!

I am mad at you for no reason.

May the bunny guard the entrance to your lodging.

Remember to give me a healthy amount of pellets and greens!

Can we play with the foraging mat now?

But please do not get the comb close to me!

Do you think you can walk in here without a hare in the world?

And remember to be floppy!

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